There are many reasons Karen is the highest Google rated permanent makeup in St. Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater, and Tampa. Karen is the highest rated on, Superpages, and all over the internet.

One is her over 26 years of performing the services daily in every area of permanent cosmetic makeup. Karen has created countless areolas, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, mucosal permanent eyeliner. Another is her training. She didn’t just do one permanent cosmetic college but she did two of the nation’s leading permanent cosmetic colleges. Her first one was 300 hours in Southern California and the second one in Arlington Texas. Where she became a Master Instructor. She trained in all areas of permanent makeup and is very talented with permanent cosmetic color and design. Karen permanently designs eyebrows with permanent makeup and electrology so her clients never need to touch their eyebrows always perfect. Karen’s reviews all over the internet are proof that she is the highest google rated permanent makeup artist in Tampa Bay. What people say tells it all.

Micro-blading is a new tend and becoming very popular. It gives a lovely finish look to eyebrows by adding with hand-tool hair strokes micro blading eyebrows throughout the brows. Karen does micro-blading and all methods of permanent eyebrows.

Not everyone is a candidate for micro-blading. If you have very little eyebrow hair I don’t advise micro-blading but, powder permanent eyebrows instead. That gives the look of powder makeup and it is a soft and permanent fix for eyebrows. My advice is to come in and let Karen take a look at what you have and speak to you about what you would like. Karen has been doing permanent cosmetic makeup since 1993 and is a National Board Certified Master Instructor/Artist and winner of the International Masters in Dallas back in 08. So you could find someone more highly trained, an artist, a cosmetologist, an electrologist, a paramedical esthetician, and a makeup artist for over 30 years. That is so much talent bought to the permanent cosmetic procedure that you know you will be so delighted with what Karen can deliver.

Karen is a master at creating areolas, camouflaging scars, camouflaging facelift scars, camouflaging vitiligo, camouflaging balding just to name a few of the many talents Karen has used to serve people all over Tampa Bay and the nation. Karen has a lifetime of working on clients and if you research her reviews you will learn she really is the best in the business of permanent makeup

If you want long lasting perfect permanent makeup call Karen Marlise

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