No matter what way you want to rid unwanted hair Karen is the one to see. Karen has been a hair removal expert since 1982 in waxing, electrologist, and laser hair removal. Karen’s life profession is permanent hair removal and temporary hair removal. She uses the highest grade of micro bacterial wax for safety.

Karen uses Candela Gentle Lase Plus for laser hair removal and Blend electrologist for permanent hair removal. She is the leading hair removal expert in Tampa Bay so if you want it done right to call her today for a free consultation or appointment. She has a lot of advanced training in laser hair removal, electrology, and certified in body waxing and will help you in any hair problem you may have. She is very affordable, private, and available seven days a week and evenings for your convenience.

Read Aesthetics by Karen Marlise’s reviews and you will learn she has the highest level of 5-star reviews in Tampa Bay from giving people the quality and price they are looking for when seeking a hair removal expert. She will aid you in choosing what hair removal treatment is going to suit you the best and describe in detail the information you need to know. She takes her time delivering quality work only.

Hair Removal Expert Tampa Bay