There are many people that get blackheads, blocked pores, ingrown hair, and other terrible discomforts in their genital area. This is a genital facial to deep clean and removes problems. Usually, they can feel it or are starting to have infections, large bumps that Karen can help you get rid of. Some people have bunches of skin tags or unwanted hair everywhere around the genital area, thighs, and anus. Karen does body facials and rids all kinds of problems for people. She has helped people a lifetime in her very personal medical salon.

Genital Hair Removal takes a specialist that knows skin and it’s problems which Karen has a lifetime of experience helping people and can help you. An example is the other day Karen was doing a Brazilian on a female client who had raised blocked pores all over between her thighs. Karen cleaned the area and did exactions which were at least 4 inches long of a terrible smelly discharge. A yellowish slightly harden pus that had been growing in that area for a long time which she never even realized.

It the best money you could ever spend for your self-taking care of personal care that will serve you well.

with a full-body facial including a genital facial front and back to ensure you are 100% clean and hair-free if requested. Or Karen can design the pubic hair any way you would like it to be. She has done this work for many years and is a master at permanent hair removal, permanent makeup, personal care, permanent eyebrow design with hair removal, and permanent cosmetics just to name a few.

Karen is a great Para-medical Aesthetician for over thirty years and can help you in all types of beauty needs

The person you will feel most comfortable with getting a brazilian laser hair removal