Important facts about laser hair removal. Laser hair removal treatments work by targeting the melanin which is the dark color in the hair shaft. The laser produces a beam of light that converts to heat which is absorbed into the follicle.

. This only works on actively growing hair and the same are true with electrology. That is why repeated treatment is needed. Different body areas hair cycles grow at a different speed. So treatments need to be booked at different time frames to kill the highest volume of actively growing hairs.

. Clients need to be shaved closely before treatment. The hair above the skin would burn, cause added discomfort, and could damage the laser.

The area is charted where treatment will be delivered with a 10% overlap to make sure not missing any hair. The area is drawn on with a yellow water-based marker. This does not affect the laser and give the operator a map on how to treat correctly. Without this process, there is a lot of missed hairs.. It takes time to deliver a good treatment plus, it takes advanced training to know how to get the greatest potential results from the laser safely saving the client money and providing better results.

Another Important fact about laser hair removal stay out of the sun. I advise a month before starting treatment and remain out of the sun until you are totally done. You can still live using a high-quality total sunblock and following directions to the letter.

Always find the right laser for your skin type.

Another very important fact about laser hair removal is owning the right laser for the right skin type that you are treating.. A 1064 Yag or Diode is a great laser for African Americans, Indians, darker skin.  Another Example Middle Eastern people. A Yag is a great laser for deep hair and not the best for whispy hair. An electrologist would serve you better in my opinion. I think it is smart to get a free consultation from a Medical Electrologist/Laser Hair Removal Expert so you know all the information about your hair problem. Get advice from more than one so you can make a great decision. .

Very important to be as light as possible before starting treatment. The contrast makes a great difference in how effective each treatment is. Plus, very important to wear special laser protection glasses for the wavelength you are being treated with.

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Important Facts About Laser Hair Removal