In St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo and Seminole anyone looking to remove unwanted hair with Electrolysis call Board Certified Electrologist with many years experience Karen Marlise. Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Completely 100% Permanent.

They check reviews on google to find that no one has near the 5-star reviews as Karen and no one that works eves and weekends so you can get right in when you are letting the hair grow out. Karen is very fast and accurate so you will see the hair reduce nicely when you come in regularly as the growth cycles are the highest. Karen listens deeply to what your needs are and put all the effort into curing you as fast as possible. She works very hard to serve you when it is the best for you.

Karen is a master at permanent hair removal on every type of skin and treating all kinds of people from all over the world. Karen helps many transgender clients helping them remove beards and unwanted body hair.

Electrology is the only 100% permanent cure for unwanted hair and beware of others calling themselves electrology with patches (which don’t work) and illegal to advertise as electrologist unless you are licensed with the state.

Electrology is perfect for any part of the body and many different people with red, blond, gray and even colored hair. Electrology is a great solution for African American women with unwanted facial hair.

There is a lot of great information about electrology on

I think Karen is registered on that site for permanent hair removal

St. Petersburg Best Electrologist

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