There are many electrologists popping up because of the local school but, that doesn’t make a great electrologist! Florida has the minimum training requirements compared to California and Massachusetts. Karen Marlise is an expert electrologist trained out of California in 93. So she has well over 30 years’ experience.

Karen was so lucky above what the school delivered in training I had much more training after hours. When I was training a very bearded, 28 years experienced electrologist came to my school in 93 for reduced price electrology. She desperately wanted her beard gone. Karen made a deal with her to give of my own personal time after school hours to permanently kill her unwanted hair if she would give me very exact training. She was an expert electrologist, electrolysis. She held a mirror every visit teaching me every trick of the trade and told me everything I needed to know. This went on for many months until I became a very fast and proficient electrologist! She was one of the first transgender women I ever met and a very lovely lady! I will always remember the kindness and helpfulness she gave me. As I did my very best to return that back to her. Went I left California I knew I had to know how to be a great electrologist.

It is important to have an electrologist, permanent hair removal expert! Electrolysis, electrology, and laser hair removal in the same office I believe is the best offering. Then the right solution is offered.

Electrology is an exact job to do correctly! The depth, the rhythm of removal, timing, and all aspects of electrolysis comes from years of experience on every type of hair, every type of human being on the planet! An example I remember I had native women in Alaska that had hair like a violin string and it took repeated treatment to permanently kill. I have done countless electrolysis for African American women, Mediterranean women, and many different people from all over the world. African American permanent facial hair removal takes an expert with perfect hand-to-eye coordination.

Now with the baby boomers, aging electrology is needed as much as ever! In many cases electrolysis is much better than laser hair removal because it is 100% permanent no matter the color of the hair, the diameter of the hair. An example is thin hair) – When you have thin hair that doesn’t have a lot of dark brown or black color laser hair removal can’t do the job.