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The person you will feel most comfortable with getting a brazilian laser hair removal

It is very important to have the body waxing done by an experienced professional., Brazilian, bikini, back waxing is a popular request by men and women throughout Tampa Bay.  Most of all when it is a Brazilian wax on a man or woman they call Karen. Karen is called on daily for body waxing information,

 Brazilian waxing for men and women is one of Karen’s main services.

. If you don’t tighten the skin perfectly and apply wax correctly then remove correct amounts at a time.  Body Waxing can be very uncomfortable. Then, break hairs at the skin line, causes ingrown hairs, and tear the skin.  Body Waxing is a profession in itself. It is very important to do all parts correctly or there can be a serious tear or be very painful or both. Karen has over 30 years of waxing and is highly known as the master body waxier.

If a client has never waxed Karen first trims down the hair with a trimmer to get the perfect length. Too long of hair can create a terrible mess. Then small areas at a time are done not to cause pain or discomfort. The skin is stretched tight before lifting the wax strip and it is done right. Karen Marlise is the old school that went to great lengths to train thoroughly in all areas of hair removal. Plus, Karen makes sure she books out a lot of time to produce great results and a happy client.

Karen has been trained by many providers throughout the years in producing perfect results in everything she does. Karen’s salon is very clean and Karen delivers top personal care. Unrushed professional personal beauty care with quality results. She is a very masterful body waxier and only uses Nufree Body Wax the highest quality body wax on the market. It is an anti-bacterial wax to prevent any cross-contamination.  It totally removes the hair root and all. Not like cheap waxes that break the hair at the skin line causing ingrown hair and short-lived wax results.