Karen has been creating beautiful,natural looking nipples or areolas with the highest quality color produced and in every color imaginable. Karen was trained in California and Texas in creating areolas or nipples for women from breast cancer or breast reconstruction for many years at an affordable price. Her work can’t be better than Karen creates.They are award winning and perfect. Karen takes her time ensuring that they are solid, thoroughly even with the color you chose. Plus, Karen has the training to make the dimensional to give the appearance of nipple tips if you don’t have them. We have countless pictures of them but, we can’t put them up without Google flagging us like they are not allowed to show. Sorry to see them you need to come in for a free consultation and Karen can show you all kinds of areolas or nipples she has created for many years. Karen spends a lot of time with a client measuring, pain control, choosing colors, talking about exactly what the client wants and is requesting. Karen takes her time with relaxing music and gives through instruction in how to care for the newly created areolas or nipples until they heal.

Perfect Areolas or Nipples for St. Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Tampa Bay Areas and Surrounding Cities