Anus Bleaching

Karen has been doing anal bleaching and skin bleaching for clients for years without any problem and lightens skin in different degrees depending on different factors.

it is done in a series of treatment and get lighter and lighter until the client is happy. At Karen’s business, it is personal and many people say Karen becomes a friend because.

Call Karen today she has a lifetime of experience in this area and you will get the results you seek without the overcharging. I have helped women and gay; men with this issue for years. I can lighten the skin beautifully. Some men and women have very dark skin in the pubic area and it doesn’t need to be so dark.

Karen designs Brazilians for men and women. Karen kills all over the body affordable. No more wanted unwanted hair in many in all areas of the face and body.

Skin bleaching is not just for the anus, it is for the.face bleaching, chest, hands, anywhere you need it. I have been bleaching clients for a lifetime and it it is premier service that offers great results.

Anal bleaching is serious demand from gay community, dancers, strippers, performers and darker skin types. Karen would be happy to serve you just give her a call at 727-512-4335 Karen works evening =l

This is not a one time treatment to gain perfect results. This takes a series of treatments to obtain the lighter skin in this region of the body.

Anus Bleaching, Skin Bleaching by a 30 plus Year Paramedical Aesthetican

100% permanent hair removal

Anus Bleaching – Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg, Tampa, Tampa Bay