Karen has been doing anal bleaching for many years with two different methods. One is with a very professional bleaching product from Sonage and another is with a series of peels. Using the two together I have obtained great results. Karen has been a paramedical Esthetician since 1982 and spent a lifetime serving people.

Sonage is a great product line that offers paramedical esthetic products for skin repair, facials, and body care. I have used these products for many years and found them to be some of the best Skin bleaching Sonage skin lightener. 

It takes a series of treatment and I can teach you how to use the products to follow up care at home.

Ethnic women suffer from the dark skin in the pubic area and many want that lighter so they call on me to help them. Feel free to call today at 727-512-4335 for a very affordable solution to anal bleaching and pubic area bleaching. Karen makes sure fresh linen and gloved up before treatment and watches closely to achieve great treatments and then flushes with lots of water to ensure the product is totally rinsed away before applying moisturizer.

The treatments are comfortable just some tinkling for a short period. Karen’s treatments are truly relaxing and enjoyable.

Anal and pubic area bleaching with Sonage

100% permanent hair removal