Get the right permanent eyebrow that will look best from choices of all methods of permanent eyebrows


 You found the right one!  Karen is a true master at all methods of permanent eyebrows. Karen does all methods of permanent eyebrows. They are microblading eyebrows, permanent powder eyebrows, permanent hair stroke eyebrows, and permanent pencil eyebrows. It is very important when seeking permanent eyebrows to check out everything first. Fixing bad permanent cosmetic work can be costly and made worst if not done by a master. Thirty-Five years of creating permanent eyebrows daily do make for a great artist.

Check out references, reviews, pics, education, experience, the shop with a free consultation. Then come in and have a discussion with the National Board Certified Master Instructor/Artist about your desires. Then let her see what you have as eyebrows. Karen will look at your brows and discuss what will serve you best. She will ask all kinds of questions to understand how you like to wear your brows and how you like to present yourself. Then she will show you ideas and speak to you about all parts of permanent makeup.

There is so much to know. There are many fakes in this industry that call themselves experts and masters without real certified training. It is easy all you have to do is pay a fee to the Profit making Association or Society with some permanent makeup in the name. They sell them any kind of certification they want for a price. permanent cosmetic artist.  I did 300 hours back in 93 in Southern California and then traveled repeatedly to a great permanent cosmetic college outside Dallas. Plus, you can see the diplomas on the walls in my salon and call and check it out if you want. It shows I have been doing permanent cosmetics since 1993 in all areas of permanent makeup.  I do Permanent lips, permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner, mucosal eyeliner that touches the eye, all kinds of camouflage work, and much more. I can fix the shape of lips, Karen corrects poorly done permanent makeup regularly.  Karen creates areolas or gives nipples color with areola pigmentation.’ Karen does beautiful permanent lip liners, beauty marks, hair transplant scar camouflage, and a lot more. Karen has a lifetime of serving people daily in all areas of permanent makeup.