You have found a highly rated, advanced trained laser hair removal. So many of the laser hair removal chains if you read people are so ripped off and paid through the nose. Karen owns and operates her laser hair removal business so you are not passed around by young kids that treat everyone the same over and over again.

If you research you will find that Karen is the most honest, highly rated, highly trained,  Karen just gives the best laser hair removal treatment possible safely. She can’t promise or guarantee anything. Some of the reasons are everyone is so different, another reason is genetics, another is hormones, age, hair disorders, etc. All she can promise is to give the best treatment possible safely. Karen only charges per visit so you are not paying for what you don’t need and that is one of the reasons she is so highly rated laser hair removal business.

If you do your research you will see Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal is the affordable, highly rated laser hair removal business in Tampa Bay hands down.

Don’t need a large amount of money upfront and then, in the end, you still loaded with hair, because most likely undertreated to avoid any liability.

Then they say they give you half price which is way above my regular price. In St.Petersburg, Largo, Seminole, Clearwater, Tarpon, Springs, Gulfport Tampa Bay Laser Hair Removal is the best laser hair removal choice. Karen has done so much advanced training for laser hair removal and truly knows how to achieve getting the most out of laser safety. Plus she is an electrologist so she can finish it.

Avoid these new which I call scams telling people they can get rid of blond hair with a laser totally untrue.

Karen is not about that. She isn’t about taking advantage of people. She has for 17 years is about providing the best service possible at affordable pricing.

Electrology sometimes is a better service so you should call on Karen and she will serve you best and why? The chains rip people off so badly and so do many other businesses because they don’t either use the right laser or have a highly skilled laser hair removal practitioner doing the work.

How much does laser hair removal cost? It depends on the project and you. If you are a six ft 9 hairy from head to toe. Then you will be most costly than a 5 ft 5 man’s body hair. But, prices drop the more you do. I give great discounts for multiple jobs. Remember some people continue to create hair. You can cure them and in a year they need more treatment from new hair growth created.

The only one that should be doing this is a National Board Certified Laser Hair Removal Specialist/Medical Electrologist. We have been treating clients in both modalities for most of my career life

If you want the most for your money you need advanced trained laser hair removal professional.

100% permanent hair removal
Pubic Hair Removal for Men and Women